Roger's Scuba Shack
Roger's Scuba Shack

Some of the best dive sites in Barbados!

Astra Reef to Friar\'s Craig

Asta reef is done as a combination dive with Friar\'s Craig. This dive has lots of marine life as you can see from the pictures below, excellent dive for photography. Great spot for stingrays!!! Friar’s Craig sits in about 30\' - 90\' of water. It has a 170 ft freighter that was sunk 2nd July, 1985 after 10 years of being anchored in Carisle Bay. The freighter has broken into three pieces due to a lot of surge.

Bright Ledge

Another spectacular reef, colourful, brimming with fish life and a popular reef for barracudas and the endangered Hawksbill turtle. Excellent visibility and schools of tropicals make this an interesting dive including a very wide variety of corals and sponges

Buoy Reef

A dome-shaped reef varying from 20 - 60ft, it is popular for its brown coral forests, sloping corals and schools of fish. The diver will observe several coral environments, making Bell Buoy an educational and exhilarating experience

Carlisle Bay

These six wrecks are visited on the same dive, a very good first dive for beginners, re-entry divers, photographers and night dives. Lots of tropical fish and marine life concentrated on these wrecks. Frog Fish and Sea Horses are often seen on this dive. Great place to do wreck penetration.


Off Holetown ~ 40\' - 100\' of water This is a very popular reef, it has beautiful corals, barracuda, bar jacks, yellowtails and turtles can be found regularly on this dive. You can dive this site on more than one occasion and not be tired of it. One of the more popular of the dive sites on the west coast.

Knob and Boot

Off Sandy Beach ~ 40\' - 80\' Nice drift dive, lots of turtles to be seen on this dive, regular sightings of Eagle Rays. Good marine life, small derelict Coast Guard boat sunk here.

Pamir and Yellow Submarine

The Pamir is 165 ft long and 60 ft down at it\'s deepest and is the most northern wreck site on the west coast. She sits upright in a sheltered spot close to shore and was sunk in the early 1980\'s this wreck provides fish, fauna, and fun in one experience. A good dive for beginners and a good warm up dive for the Stavronikita

Shark Bank

A coral reef reaching depths of 135-145ft. Divers will particularly enjoy seeing sea turtles and parrotfish. Don\'t let the name worry you!!


Off Fitts Village ~ 25\' - 130\' This 365ft long wreck is considered to be an advanced dive due to the depth. Sunk on 22nd November 1978 in a Marine Reserve. Easy access to interior through cut out areas. Great for photography, maximum depth is usually 100\' on this dive. Resident barracudas, eels & snappers.